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My name is Kelly, Kel for short.

I’d like to live in a world where donuts are good for you, GermX wasn’t so necessary, and people really care about what each other have to say.

As a avid board gamer I try to visit cons a few times a year, and enjoy playing new games and meeting fellow board gamers around the globe. I’m nationally ranked in Catan and try my best to make time for old favorites, albeit being difficult, with so. many. games. to. play.

I recently had to redo my board game room replacing all the shelving, table, and chairs, because I was running out of space, instead of getting rid of games, which would have been the logical thing to do. 

When I’m not board gaming, you can find me running a small tech company, twirling around on a dance floor (or plié-ing on a ballet bar), or doing something crafty.

I am transitioning from written articles to video blogs, because I hate editing and make too many typos. Although, I sometimes say words funny and jumble my sentences, so there is always a trade off.

I hope you enjoy Board of Playing and maybe sometime we’ll get to play a game together.