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Fortune and Glory

Posted by admin On October - 19 - 2011


Review by Scott Linde

The crack of a whip, and a car chase, and a loyal sidekick, and hidden treasure, and obscure maps, and collapsing temples, and Tommy-guns, and Nazi’s to kill!  What adventure movie cliche doesn’t this game have?

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Fortune and Glory, from Flying Frog Productions, is a competitive action game where the players each adopt an action hero in search of fortune and glory.  Like Indiana Jones, Allan Quartermain, or Jack Coltan and Joan Wilder, each player must travel around the world by plane, train, auto, or even a U-boat to the distant locations of hidden artifacts.

Each location has a number of random encounters including traps, villains, and dangerous situations. These require a variety of equipment and skills to overcome, but if you succeed you gain glory.  Glory is a form of currency that you can spend in cities  to trick out your hero with equipment, allies, or ever a loyal  sidekick.  Succeed in passing the last test in a location and you are rewarded with an artifact or sometimes even treasure.  Artifacts can be sold in cities for treasure as well.  Be the first to gain twenty treasure, and you win the game!

Your opponents are literally racing you to acquire to these items as multiple adventurers can loot a location at the same time.  In addition, the Nazi’s have assigned their most capable agents to finding these same artifacts.  A great zeppelin roams the skies of the world dropping off Nazi soldiers at far flung locations.  Secret cultists and mobsters will also rub elbows with you from time to time, so watch out and make sure to pack some heat!

This game has a lot of dice rolling and pushing your luck.  If you don’t like dice or taking some risks, this may not be the game for you.  It is also plays a little longer than the average euro-game, so it is not a filler game even though the game play is fairly light.  My biggest complaint is that you can pause to fully heal in between location encounters out in the middle of nowhere, but you can not quickly and fully heal inside a city for free.  Regardless, this game has a lot of fun potential and is easy to teach.

Quality: 5/5

Fun: 5/5

Substance: 3/5 (a little light on strategy…  which you may approve of)

Re-playability: 3/5 (just a gut feeling for me…  opinions may vary)

Original Images can be found on the official Flying Frog Fortune and Glory Website.