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Star Trek: Fleet Captains

Posted by admin On October - 24 - 2011

Players: 2 – 4 (BOP only likes 2)
Length: 60 mins
Actual Length: 60-80 (varies quite a lot from game to game)
Age: 14+ (yeah… that’s about right, best with star trek fans)

Captain’s Log - StarDate: -311187.0315512431

Federation: Captain, The Klingons have just entered the Neutral zone!!!

Klingons: tlhIngan maH!

Federation Captain: Of course! just when we found a habitable planet and dropped our away team there…

Klingons: Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam! batlh bIHeghjaj

Federation Captain: That’ll be the day! All Power to Shields!! <click, click, click> 


Star Trek: Fleet Captains is a thematic strategy game based on a mixture of the original series. Starting on opposing sides, with undiscovered hexagonal space tiles placed between you, players compete as either the Federation or Klingons.

The space tiles are pre-determined at the beginning of each game, randomly, from a nice size deck, allowing for a new feel each play. Each player also receives command decks which can be changed up each game as well. During the game, players gain victory points in a number of ways including completing missions cards and/or destroying opponents ships in battle. Mission cards include a slew of different sorts from completing sensor tests, exploring and/or controlling sectors of space, battling opponents, to successfully retreating away teams. As you move through space you may experience various encounters which also could result in victories. Winning the game is based on the pre-determined victory point number decided at the beginning of the game depending if players want a shorter or longer game.

Each side has it’s strengths, and it’s worth trying out both sides and altering between the two in future games. The Federation does really well at exploring space and completing missions that involve sensors test/science missions etc., as well as are great at defense. The Klingons are more combative resulting in doing well with combat missions and have cool features like more of their ships have cloaking abilities.

It really is a blast to play, especially as two player. With four players, you end up sort of playing two separate two player games with limited interaction with your team mate or your opposite cornered opponent.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard are the cards. Many people think they are thin and cheap. I disagree, they have a really nice feel to them, actually they kind of feel futuristic with how well they shuffle and the double sided texturing. That aside, the figures are really nice once the heroclix bases are loosened up and they include a lot of extra components.

I’ve played the game quite a few times now, and i’m really glad it’s part of my gaming collection. Now I just have to set some time aside to paint my ships!

Quality: 4.5/5
Fun: 4/5 (With four players goes down to 2/5)
Substance: 5/5
Re-playability: 4/5 (I’m sure there will be expansions, and the base game will take quite awhile before it’s over-played)