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Mirror, Mirror

Posted by admin On November - 10 - 2011


Players: 2
Length: 30 mins
Actual Length: 15-35 (varies quite a lot from game to game)
Age: 8+

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

Well, I personally think Lady Charity is the fairest, but I could be slightly biased now that i’m also a redhead. But in all honesty all the Lady’s are quite lovely in Gryphon Games newly released Kickstarter project, Mirror, Mirror! Designed by Jacob Davenport, Mirror, Mirror, is a charming little game of light deduction. Each opponent has three character types: Ladys, Knights, and Masters; These characters move around the “ballroom” trying to capture opponents and their letters thereby removing them from the ballroom. You do this by landing on their opponents pieces, but in order to capture the piece you must correctly guess the colored seal on the letter that particular opponent is carrying (hidden from you and only visible on the other side of the pawn).  if you guess the color incorrectly, your opponent seizes your pawn and it is removed from play!

Speaking of ‘hidden from you and only visible on the other side of the pawn’, each pawn has a mirror on their backside. If you use your pawns to maneuver behind your opponents pawns, you can see certain pawns colored seals allowing you to snatch up their pawns without having to “guess” the color… the game is called Mirror, Mirror after-all! Even though their are times where you might want to just take your chances (which you’ll find is close to  a 50-50% chance of getting it right and higher as you remove more pawns…), it’s good to use deduction when you can so you don’t go off half-cocked.

Ladys move hopping over other pawns, sort of like jumping and double jumping in checkers.

Knights move like Knights in Chess, in a “L” shape.

Masters are like Kings in Chess and move 1 space in any direction.

The ultimate prize is the love letter with the red seal, each opponent has only one “true love” love letter, whoever captures it firsts, wins the heart of the princess… errr… at least brunch with the princess! The theme behind Mirror, Mirror is pretty darn adorable and so is the video posted on kickstarter. I’m quite surprised it received just enough funding because I really enjoyed playing it and will equally enjoy playing it in the future.

Final Final Thoughts:
Quality: 4/5
Fun: 4/5
Substance: 3/5 (*remember a medium score substance number isn’t bad, just means its not super meaty)
Re-playability: 4/5

For a chuckle, check out the video posted on kickstarter that also explains the story and gameplay with nice visuals: