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King of Dragon Pass

Posted by admin On November - 23 - 2011

King of Dragon Pass – By A Sharp

By BOP Guest Reviewer, Chad Adams.

Part resource management, part choose your own adventure, ‘King of Dragon Pass’ is one of the most enjoyable and unique games I have in my collection. Set in the richly imagined word of Glorantha (Runequest & Heroquest), your goal is to become lord of all Dragon Pass. You will begin your journey with a small tribe and a circle of councilman. As you move from season to season, you will be required to balance the tribes food, cattle, land and other resources while you make important decisions about various problems that appear.

One of the most important aspects of this game are heroquests. In a Heroquest you will call upon the gods and enter a different realm, reenacting your tribes ancient mythological stories in hope of obtaining magic. This magic can be used to strengthen your crops or military power. This game comes with practically a library of information on the world of Glorantha and the gods and myths surrounding it. You will need to know some of these myths to make your heroquests successful.

‘King of Dragon Pass’ has so much variety that each time you play it will be a little different. It also makes for a perfect pocket game and plays well in short sessions. My only negative remark is the price. I was one of the lucky few that got this game during the half off sale. However now that I’ve played it, I see that it really is a quality piece and worth the price of admission.

If you enjoy civilization types game on a truly epic scale then I highly recommend picking up ‘King of Dragon Pass’.


  • $9.99