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Ticket to Ride Pocket

Posted by admin On December - 6 - 2011

Ticket to Ride Pocket – By Days Of Wonder, Inc.

After having great success on the iPad, ‘Ticket to Ride’ is now available for the iPhone. This app delivers an excellent travel sized edition of one of our favorite light games. It may only be the U.S. map, and yes there is no online multiplayer (which is available on the iPad version). However, for such an inexpensive price point, ‘Ticket to Ride’ maintains all we know and love about the original board game.

The game starts with an excellent video tutorial and beautiful graphics as expected from ‘Days of Wonder’. There are four different AI characters, each with a unique play-style to compete against. You can even play multiplayer over the same wi-fi or bluetooth connection.

‘Days of Wonder’ really put some thought into this pocket edition of ‘Ticket to Ride’. The touch interface for placing trains, for example, was well executed and makes playing fast, easy and enjoyable. This is such a great game for those ‘pick-up-and-play-while-waiting-in-line’ moments that ‘Ticket to Ride: Pocket Edition’ now has a permanent place on my iPhone home screen.

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