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Posted by admin On December - 8 - 2011

With so many of our troops coming home for the holiday season, and Christmas just around the corner, it might be worthwhile to check out:

Commander-In-Chief is a battle game with two opposing armed forces represented by black and silver specially designed pieces.

From Top to Bottom: Helicopters, Commanders, Amphibians, Destroyers, Fighters, Submarines, Tanks and Bombers.

The object of the game has two main options:

1.) to capture your opponents Commander or

2.) to outscore your opponent

Additionally forcing a concession of defeat from your opponent in the above two options results in a victory!

Commander-In-Chief utilizes the traditional checkerboard format of chess and checkers, but with a twist. The square board is set up for play orientated in a diamond shape. The directional movements Forward, Forward Left, Forward Right, Left, Right, Backward, Backward Left or Backward Right are used to move your pieces. These are in relation to each players seated position.

The battlefields of the checkered board are Air, Land, and  Sea.  The playing pieces are mounted on either Platform Bases, used for pieces commanded in land or sea, or Aerial Platform Bases, for pieces used in air combat. Commanders, Bombers and Destroyers are noted as the leaders of their divisions and receive an additional stackable platform base. After choosing one of the games variants, you then become Commander-In-Chief of one of the armed forces. “You must command the services of their fifteen playing pieces toward victory.”

There are multiple Game Play Option including “Object of the Game”, “Team Game Play”, “Advanced Game Play” and “New Game Play” for Commander-In-Chief. Additionally, the game board is double sided which seems appropriate considering the additional gaming options this game brings with it. The pieces can be used to play a game of Chess, giving this classic game a unique spin. Speaking of “spin”, the stackable bases can not only be used for a game of checkers but they can be used as spinning tops.

The pieces are pretty heavy duty and can be used to play without the board. My nephew enjoys playing with the pieces on their own as toys.

And if that wasn’t enough it’s a game of our military; $1 is donated to Support Our Troops for every game sold.

Note from the designer:  In addition to the Game Rules that come with the game, the website – now has a section on the ”HOME” page that reads in blinking RED font “PLUS ‘NEW’ GAME PLAY OPTIONS” where there are three BRAND NEW “Advanced Game Play” options for the game. ”Two-On-One Game Play”, “4-3-2-1 Secret Mission Game Play” and “Ready, Aim Fire Game Play” options.  . . and now there are “NEW” game play options available on the website for the game.  The game will continue to add variants for differentiation for individual gamer tastes. The ultimate goal with additional game play options is to give the players the freedom to create the game they want to play.