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Conquest of Planet Earth

Posted by admin On December - 18 - 2011

Conquest of Planet Earth
by Shaun Graham

When the Orzax drop an atomic bomb on the hydro-electric damm and the Fishmen of Atlorak wreak havoc in a college town, defeating the U.S jet figher planes by summoning the giant land-squid, you are playing Conquest of Planet Earth.

from Flying Frog Productions

With Conquest of Planet Earth, Flying Frog Productions delivers a game that brings B-movie aliens and pulp-like SciFi-fun to the gaming table. The players take the role of a power-mad alien race and use their special powers and mighty space artifacts to bring those pesky humans to their knees and gaining control over the entire planet, leaving a trail of terror and destruction behind.

Your sinister plan of conquering planet earth is carried out by allocating action points, using them to either fly their alien saucers around, reinforce their fleet of U.F.O’s or to gather menacing powers, which can release the destructive talents of each alien race.

But mankind does not just sit there, watching robot-armies destroying their towns and monuments. Humans fight back in the form of resistance deck, which pits the aliens against U.S Army infantry, tanks and other rebellious homo sapiens. Players have to overcome the might of the local police, the wits of mathematicians and scientists to claim territories for their race, thus collecting terror-points, which win players the game.

Since the object of the game is conquering planet earth, frantic battles are the basis of the game. Spontaneous card-plays and the usage of mighty artifacts, such as the disintegrator beams, create a lot of tension and laughs. Battles play out mighty fast. Dice rolls are summed up to determine strength and cards and special abilities may be used to influence the outcome of the battle. This way aliens can gain dominance at locations on the modular board but may be pulverized by the strength of Captain Fantastic – the world’s most powerful superhero. All aliens loathe and fear this powerhouse which always seems to show up in the nick of time to save the humans.

When a player has collected a total of 8 terror-points by conquering parts of the world, his alien race may claim dominance and is the new ruler of the planet.

The components of the game are top-notch. The illustrations have a50′s comic-book flair and perfectly match the pulp-like atmosphere of the game. The miniatures are beautiful and make the game pop-out on the table. For intense immersion into the theme, Flying Frog has added a gaming soundtrack which may fill the game-room with epic melodies that motivate to dominate the world.

The game may be played either solo, in a multi-player competitive mode or as a cooperative game. All modes work very well, with polished gameplay and fun challenges.

Overall, the light-heartedness of the game well suites the tactical hand management and luck-dependent dice rolls, which allow epic comebacks and memorable moments.


medium-hard not too hard to learn, more difficult to master