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Panic Station

Posted by admin On December - 23 - 2011

You and your telepathically linked android counterpart have been sent on a mission with a squad of human & android soldiers to locate and destroy a parasite hive. A group of previously sent soldiers never returned.  Before being annihilated, however, the previous team did gather crucial information about a species of parasites being sensitive to heat. Parasites? what? Oh yea, so there are parasites you must fend off during your mission so they don’t invade your body. If one invades your body, there is a small side effect – you become a inhuman killing machine. At the beginning of the mission one of the squad becomes infected.

The infected member’s goal: secretly try to infect all the other remaining humans before they destroy the hive!

The remaining humans: Avoid getting infected and bring enough gas to the hive to and use your flamethrower on it!

During the game you gather resources such as weapons, key cards, and energy boosts which all give you special defenses and/or abilities. The main issues you encounter are the endless stream of parasites as well as finding the appropriate supplies to make it through the mission with the ultimate goal of destroying the hive.

Running through rooms, searching for supplies, and blasting parasites are all good fun, but the real situational difficulty is your teammates (or possible you!). One of you is an involuntarily infected killer. And if your lucky enough to not be the infected then the problem is you don’t know who is infected. Which normally wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact you have to work with your teammates. Which also wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that working with you teammates is how you can also potentially become infected. The whole “teamwork” front is a real pain in the ass in this game. You do so through trading.

Whenever you encounter another person/droid on the same space  you must trade an item with them.Trading is a forced action, you either have to trade or you can avoid trading by attacking the other players. If you think they have been acting suspiciously, and may be infected, then this could be a good option. However, if they are human, you could potentially be wounding your ally.

Infected members may trade their infections cards in an attempt to infect the other players or an item to throw them off. Non-infected members may trade valuable items or gas. If you trade a gas card this immediately grants you temporary immunity against an infection card. However, if you have passed your gas can to an infected member, you have just lost valuable gas needed for winning the game!

One of the teammates needs to get enough gas (3 cans) to blow up the hive. Chances are one person will not get lucky enough to find enough cans on their own. So trading unfortunately is critical. Not to mention during this process everyone is getting hurt by parasite infiltration. So you need other supplies such as health and boosts to make it through alive.

I like how it’s tense like BSG, but also short.

- rule book is terrible, the rule book makes what really is a simple game complicated.
- I don’t like how cards are used for the rooms, overcomplicates it.

This game has a good amount going on with all the additional little things that I did not mention making for a pretty good cooperative/exploration/secret traitor game.

Final Final Thoughts:
Overall: 6

medium-simple not too hard to learn, simple to play


Me, excited that one of the characters sorta looks like me :) well... minus the eye patch...