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Hey! That’s My Fish! Deluxe Edition

Posted by admin On May - 15 - 2011

Description: You are near the South Pole. Your Penguins are jumping from ice floe to ice floe hunting fish. They’re also trying to block other Penguins, so they can secure the best fishing grounds. The fishing colony that catches the most fish by the end of the game wins!

Length: 20 Minutes
Age: 8+
Players: 2-4

I first heard of this game while I was playing at my very first Catan tournament in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I saw 4 guys about my age (25) huddled around  hexagonal board pieces with fish on them. Sitting on these hexes were giant hilarious looking penguin figurines in groovy poses.

During this tournament, I was occasionally momentarily distracted by dialogue such as “My penguin was going there!,” “Dude, that was my fish!,” and my favorite “aw man… you blocked my penguin in with barely any fish…” These were 4 pretty decent size dudes, mind you. I went on to place second in the tournament and my thoughts of this board game died with my unclaimed victory of Catan.

Six or so months later, I went to my first Gaming convention, GenCon, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Along with the loads of fun I had at this convention, I enjoyed all the game demos in the different booths. While at the Mayfair booth, what did I see on the shelves for sale??? The “Hey! That’s my Fish!” board game. I wanted to demo it right then and there, but I didn’t see it on any of the demo game tables. I asked a gentlemen at at the booth and he smiled and told me it was in the children’s section.  He happily volunteered to demo it with me. So we  walked over to the childrens play area, cleared off a little section of table where activities were scattered about, right next to a group of 6 year olds playing with toys, and we began.


The object of the game is pretty simple. You move your penguins from different ice hex tiles collecting the tiles along the way. You have 2 to 4 penguins depending on the number of players and the idea is to get as many fish as possible before all the tiles are gone or there are no moves left. Each tile has 1-3 fish on them. The player who “catches” the most fish in the end wins!

Shortening of the Manual:
Each player controls a different colored penguin colony (Blue, Green, Black, or Red). You move in turns. On your turn you move one penguin of your colony from one ice hex to a new ice hex. You pick up the tile that the penguin was last on, thereby creating a hole which penguins cannot cross.  The penguins move diagonally across the sides of the hexagonal ice tiles. They can move as little or as far as they are able or want (a penguin, a hole, or the end of the board are the only limiting factors). If a penguin can’t move, he can be taken from play or just left until the end of the game, then collecting the fish he is on. Once no penguin has anywhere to move, the game is over and fish tiles are calculated.

Final Thoughts:
This game I tell you, is about as cut-throat as it gets!  There is quite a bit of strategy, trying to cut other penguins off, or blocking them in so they can’t move so you can take all the fish in a particular area. Of course, the 3 fish tiles are the first to go.  Its a great game to pull out in-between games, or with children, or even at a party.

The game components are nice. The tiles are thick and the Penguins are heavy duty and a whopping 2 inches tall! Blue and Green are a bit hard to distinguish, but as long as your not colorblind, its fine.

The ONLY qualm I have with the components is that the tiles are a little hard to pick up without messing up the rest of the board… I play on a textured table cloth and it really helps. It’d be neat if you had a game board like Scrabble, where you place the tiles into little slots to hold them in place. Deluxe Ediiton 2?? :o)

Final Final Thoughts:
Quality: 3.5/5
Fun: 5/5
Substance: 2/5
Re-playability: 4/5