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Caylus iOS

Posted by admin On January - 17 - 2012

The moment we have all been waiting for… (well… all of us here at BOP anyway) Caylus for iPhone/iPad is here! Last night at 11pm eastern time, it was released. We have downloaded it, played it, played it some more, and now feel less than 24 hours later, we are ready to review it.

Caylus is not a simple game. You don’t roll some dice, and move around a board. It’s a complex tile laying, worker placement, city building, highly economic type of game. So when Big Daddy Creations said they were going to release it, I was quite curious as to the How? To date Carcassone is perhaps the nicest developed boardgame app. But Caylus is heights above Carcassone in complexity, so upon playing Caylus on my iPhone over, and over, I was quite impressed.

The Good
1.) There is local and internet play, which is always nice to play with real people and not just the AI.
2.) Although, the AI play is set up really nice. You can even gain various achievements like “Defeat all AI players”, which all have different levels of difficulty.
3.) The tutorial is very nice, clear, and short.
4.) The first time you play, they walk you through with tutorial pop-ups (this can be turned off in settings for experienced players)

5.) The music is relaxing and not distracting at all.
6.) The symbols are well done, and the little animations are a nice touch.
7.) The screen automatically moves following along with the current actions.
8.) The game scroll on the side is genius. It contains everything you need to know: Player resources, buildings, castle count, royal favors, and quick reference of the tutorial. And all these become animated when its time do do things, like build in the castle. Especially when choosing favors, they did a really good job with this.
9.) One of the nicest but easily overlooked features is the guides at the bottom of the screen, if you are confused at what you are supposed to do, glance down and it will tell you.

The Bad
1.) The internet play is a bit awkward. After you create your user name, you must go through an additional “login” each time you want to play, it doesn’t automagically connect you to the server.
2.) You have the option to join an existing game or create a game.  If you want to create a game, there is no option to invite friends. In fact there is nowhere to even store a list of friends. Therefore, if you create a new game, anyone can join. So if you want to play with real life friends, you’d have to organize a game and all jump in at the same time and hope a random fellow from Tokelau doesn’t join in first.
3.) The AI is a bit slow sometimes. The first time it happend, I thought it was frozen, but don’t fret, just give it a few more seconds, it’s trying to out-think you :o)
4.) There is some lag so be careful when doing things like placing in the castle, you don’t want to accidentally place more/less than you want.
5.) The “minus” button and “check” button are a bit close and take some getting used to.

The Ugly
It’s beautiful.



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