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Posted by admin On January - 30 - 2012

It’s Monday again, and we have some great info to get your week started!

Well, it’s not really news… but something we’d like to share, nonetheless.

Here at BOP, one of our top favorite games right now is Kingdom Builder! From our last BOP news we mentioned the new expansion coming very soon, Kingdom Builder: Nomads. Well, we also came up with a little variant for one of the current situations cards in the base game. “Merchants” (below, second row, center card) is a card that rewards 4 gold for connecting location and castle hexes.

The most efficient way of doing this is to make many small connections all over the board. Instead of “linked contiguously”, we thought, how about “linked continuously” Here’s how it works:

Here is an example of how “Merchants” currently plays:

player “Kelly” connects five locations continuously.
1. (L+L+L+L+L) = (5×4) = 20pts.
[TOTAL] 20pts.

player “Chad” connects five locations in two different groups
1. (L+L+L) = (3×4) = 12pts.
2. (L+L) = (2×4) = 8pts.
[TOTAL] 20pts.

Now consider, it was easier for Chad to connect using his strategy because he went after locations that were close together and easy to connect. While, Kelly had a harder time as she tried connecting “continuously”. She had to use the boat to put settlements in water in order to make a continuous connection that large.

Kelly’s strategy was more difficult to execute and resulted in the same number of points. So that got us thinking… well, this could be a cool variant!

Our Variant: “Trade Route”

“Square the number of each location and/or castle hexes linked continuously by your own settlements to other location and/or castle hexes.”

Now lets see the above game result with this change.

player “Kelly” connects five locations continuously.
1. (L+L+L+L+L) = (5^2) = 25pts.
[TOTAL] 25pts.

player “Chad” connects five locations in two different groups
1. (L+L+L) = (3^2) = 9pts.
2. (L+L) = (2^2) = 4pts.
[TOTAL] 13pts.

As you can see it is now more beneficial to link “continuously.” It’s  also more of a gamble and encourages blocking and/or unique strategies.


 Gen Con Indy 2012 Email Header

Gencon Registration just started yesterday! Go to and click the “Gen Con Registration” link to access their registration page. If you have not signed up for their mailing list, here is what you missed:

Greetings Gen Con Fans!

Badge Pre-Reg opens this Sunday (Sunday…as in yesterday!)

That’s right, it’s almost time to purchase that all-important badge for Gen Con Indy 2012! Badge Pre-Registration will open this Sunday, January 29, at 12:00 Noon (Eastern). Go and click the “Gen Con Registration” link to access our registration system. Look for the “Get a Badge” link to appear in the left column at Noon on Sunday. You may need to refresh the page if you are already logged into your account. Get ready…get set…GO!

VIG Packages available

We are pleased to announce that for 2012 we have increased the number of “Very Important Gamer” Packages to 230 in order to bring in new blood for Gen Con’s 45th Anniversary. Our 2011 VIGs have already renewed their packages for this year, snatching up almost half of the available packages, but there are still over 100 left for the taking.

This year’s prices are $540 for the VIG Package and $110 for VIG Companion badges. Each VIG may purchase up to three (3) Companion badges, but there are only 350 available, so get them while supplies last.

New Gen Con Account Layout

The next time you log into your Gen Con Account, you may see things have moved around a bit. Not to worry! You can still access your “Profile”, “Transactions” and “Friends & Family” pages easily. Simply move your mouse cursor over your name in the upper right corner. A drop-down menu will appear with all the pages you need. And make sure your Profile is up-to-date while you’re checking things out!

If you have any questions or trouble accessing your account, be sure to contact Gen Con’s Customer Service at

Gen Con 2012 Housing Block 

Attendee housing opens for reservations on Tuesday January 31, 2012 at noon Eastern (9 AM Pacific) and continues through July 23, 2012. After the July 23rd cut-off date, you may change or cancel existing reservations through the Housing Bureau until August 6th, after which you must make changes with the hotel directly. Remember, you need a valid access code to book rooms in the Gen Con housing block. Your Housing Access Code will be emailed to you upon completing your badge purchase.

We’ve added a number of suburban hotels this year to satisfy ever-increasing demand. Many of them offer free parking, complimentary breakfasts, and other value-add amenities such as free internet and/or downtown shuttle service. The complete directory of hotels participating in the Gen Con 2012 housing block with starting rates and brief descriptions can be found on Gen Con website’s Hotel Amenities page. You can research more specific information, including hotel locations, features, and amenities by searching the Indianapolis Visitor and Convention Association’s hotel database ( or by visiting hotel websites listed in the Gen Con directory.

New Tip for 2012! When booking rooms online, please pay special attention to the hotel name before confirming your reservation. Many of the suburban hotels operate under the same brand names as downtown hotels in the block.  In such cases, the full hotel name usually includes the words “Downtown” and/or “Airport” to help distinguish among properties at different locations.

If you need assistance choosing a hotel or booking a reservation, please contact ICVA Housing Bureau by email ( or phone (317-262-8191). An experienced booking agent will be pleased to assist you.  The Housing Bureau hours of operation are 8:30 AM – 5 PM Eastern time, Monday-Friday. The online reservations portal will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week, starting on January 31 as noted previously.

Gen Con Travel Center 

The Gen Con Travel center powered by the Expedia Affiliate Network offers a broad selection of flights, supplemental suburban lodging, and rental car services at competitive prices. You can access the Travel Center by visiting the following link:

RPGs Moving Around in 2012As we grow into the newly expanded convention center, we’re shifting a few things around this year and trying to consolidate RPGs so they aren’t quite as spread out.

In 2012, most RPGs will be in the JW, Marriott, and the Hyatt, so they will all be within a block of two of each other, making it much easier to get between games. There will be some exceptions, depending on event needs and overall submission volume, but the bulk of RPGs will be in those three hotels. In addition, Wizards of the Coast will be hosting the majority of their RPGA and Living Forgotten Realms events in the Marriott, where True Dungeon used to be.

Keep the new locations in mind as you are choosing your hotel room for 2012. You might want to try a new hotel to keep close to the events you want to play.

Some really great news on upcoming games were posted on the Geek by W. Eric Martin, over the past week. in case you missed it… be sure to check it out… if you like to stay updated on the lastest games coming out, check BOP frequently for our BOP news updates, or Subscribe to Eric on the Geek

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Also if the “Ora et Labora No Mora” freaks you out a bit, I do know Cool Stuff Inc. has plenty of copies, well, at least until they sell out. Buy Ora et Labora at Cool Stuff now!

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For your Monday afternoon chuckle… I’m sure every gaming group has someone who suffers from AP, Analysis Paralysis – Check out this dice tower production that turns something that is quite oft annoying, into something that is pretty darn epic.