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BOP News! Updates to the Site!

Posted by admin On February - 18 - 2012

We’ve been busy Boppers here at BOP, making all sorts of changes to the website. Some things you’ll notice are:

The About Page now introduces the entire BOP team, be sure to check it out to learn more about those who write your reviews!

see bottom left sidebar for full size image

The rating system has changed! Yes, we didn’t like the current one so we spiffed it up! The side bar shows a breakdown that will stay there for reference purposes, but here’s the low down. There are now 3¬†groups:

1.) An Overall Rating: this gives an overall idea of our opinion of the game as a whole

2.) Substance Rating: tells you if the game is going to be a light fun filler, or a pull your hair out mind blowing kind of game

3.) Quality, Fun, & Replayablity: In a stoplight fashion, this tells you whether the particular categories falls lower (red) or higher (green) in ranking.

Oh yes, and we have a new review for you… Manhattan Project! With more on the way soon!