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BOP Fix it!

Posted by admin On February - 29 - 2012

Not all games are published equally when it comes to components. Over the past few years I’ve encountered games that have pretty awesome gameplay but either less than awesome components or just have something problem-some about them. Some things annoy more than others, some you can deal with, or have to deal with, but some are entirely fixable. And if you are like me, and are either slightly CDO (its like OCD but in alphabetical order, as it should be), or just take pride in your games and want them to stay, or in this case, become, as perfect as possible, then have we got the blog/geek list for you!!

1.) The Problem: So many pieces!! Oh how we love games like Ora et Labora, Twilight Imperium,  Agricola, and Mansions of Madness… but what do all games like these have in common? A bucket load of pieces! Not only do games like these take awhile to play, but they take forever to set up! And we don’t want to waste time setting up, we want to play darnit!

The Solution: Plano boxes! Probably one of the best things ever made from plastic. They are generally very inexpensive and come in all sorts of sizes! But best of all? They organize your games! And if you throw away those cheap little plastic game inserts that come in your board game boxes (probably one of the worst things ever made from plastic), then they even usually fit in your game box! They eliminate a lot of need for plastic baggies, and keep your pieces from getting scattered all about the table.  So now you can just open them up and you are ready to go! Oh, and did I mention they also make cleaning up your game an absolute breeze?

2.) The Problem: Juts – lack for a better term, I call them juts. Really they are little cardboard protrusions that stick out of the side of cardboard pieces and chits which previously were used to hold the pieces together until you break out your new game and pop out all the little pieces, and then they remain, as annoying little juts!  They at times drive me completely mad. Unfortunately, most games have them. Fortunately, i’ve learned to deal with them, for the most part, if they are small and relatively unnoticeable. Not all games can have perfectly smooth edges like Carcassonne, I suppose. However, my CDO does creep up on me from time to time when these jutted little hellians are much too big to ignore.

The Solution: A nail file. Yep, just sand those little suckers down, and your game starts to look beautifully seamless :o) Usually the cheap nail files which are long and thin, and with some flexibility work best.

3.) The Problem: Cards, messy, messy cards going all over in the box! This plagues games like 7 Wonders and Dixit, amongst others. Sure this can be avoided by making sure your game box is always perfectly flat during storage and travel, an unlikely feat, so you are doomed to open the box cringing and hoping it’s not going to be too terribly bad to sort before you can get to the playing part.

The Solution: No silly, you are not doomed. There are simple solutions for this. There are always baggies. It’s good to have these on hand for cards, even though sometimes they’ll fit nicely in plano boxes with your other pieces. But, if this is not the case, we still have baggies. It’s good to buy them in multiple sizes to just have them on hand.  A good place to find them? Craft stores actually. Places like Joann’s and Michaels are good sources for them. Or you can get really creative and do things like use tie downs, which also give you the extra bonus of feeling as if you are opening a gift every time you play your board game :o)

I’ve created a geek list to see what you crafty geniuses have come up with to cure your board game pet peeves! Read them, learn from them, even add to them, but most importantly, by gosh, use them! This will make your board game playing so much more pleasurable. :o)

Until next time, BOP, over and out!

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