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Battlestar Galactica

Posted by admin On March - 7 - 2012

Length: 180 minutes
Actual Length: 120-180 minutes (i’ve played a quick 2 hour game up to a really long 4 hour game)
Age: 10+ (better with 13+, even better with battlestar fans of all ages)
Players: 3-6

Best with: 4-5 players

If you haven’t seen the series the game is very much based on the show (new series), which I am a big fan of. The gist is, after 40 years of an armistice between cylons (robots) and humans, the cylons return bringing humanity to the brink of extinction. The humans are fighting to survive and lead whats left of the human race to safety. The show is a stimulating tug-of-war between topics of morality, trust, and survival. It’s the kind of show that will have you gasping for breath and wanting more, more, more!

And the board game is just like the show!! ;o)

Whether you are human trying to survive, or a cylon seeking to obliterate the human race, after over 10 plays since owning Battlestar Galactica, each experience has been an extremely exciting down the the wire, battling with every effort of your being kind of sorts.

I still loathe Giaus Baltar.

Depending on the number of players, the game is set up with a number of human:cylon pre-determined very balanced ratio. Each player is giving one of the secret loyalty cards at the begging of the game (or two if you are Gaius or Boomer! Figures!) Throughout the course of the game players must use deduction, observation and/or power to figure out who is on their side. The humans must reach Kobol before their supplies run out! The cylons must destroy Galactica with the cylon fleet or deplete one of the humans necessary resources of food, fuel, population or morale to zero!

It’s a semi-collaborative game where either side wins, but really feels more like a war, seriously.

The game is very simple to learn with strategy coming from your characters special powers and overcoming skill checks. What makes this game so much fun is the high player interaction and extensive exchange of dialogue needed throughout the game. With elements like basestars, the brig, piloting vipers, repairing Galactica, centurions, colonial one, crisis cards, nukes, civilian ships, heavies, raptors, and jumping the ship – this game is anything short of options and serious fun!

Final Final Thougths

Fantasy Flight put together a truly awesome trailer for the game, you should definitely check out. Oh, and did I mention there are expansions? We haven’t even checked them out yet since we are still all about the base game! Also, a while back we posted a news article about meeting Admiral Adama himself, be sure to check out that article, which includes an audio track of his interview and signed character card ;o)

Oh and for chuckles, I saw this on the geek.

Final-Final Thoughts

Overall: 9

medium-hard not too hard to learn, more difficult to master