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Liars Dice

Posted by admin On March - 25 - 2012

Length: 10-30 minutes
Age: 10+ or really younger, depending on when you want to start teaching your youngsters to fib :oP
2 – 6+

If you are looking for a game that is literally pocket change to purchase, can be played virtually anywhere, easily totable, endless replayability and can expand from two players up to supposedly 6 (but i’ve played with 12), then you should check out Liars Dice. It’s a fun-filled bluffing good time that you can play over and over.

I first was introduced to Liars Dice while playing a popular video game “Red Dead Redemption.” I walked into a saloon wanting to play a game, expecting to play Poker or five finger fillet, I instead stumbled upon this dice game. I quickly got addicted thinking this game was so awesome that I wanted to play with all my friends! I thought it was a great hidden little secret i must have somehow missed during my 26 years of life, and it was probably as old as Poker, I mean I was, afterall, playing it in a old themed Wild West video game, in a Saloon with outhouses out back!

So my hunt on google began. Even though you only need some dice and your hands to play, in the video game, they had these nice cups used to cover the dice. So I thought I’d try to find a set. And what I came to find was shocking! This was not an old Saloon dwelling drunken cowboy game at all!

It was was made in the 80′s, just like me!  And it was invented by one of my hometown game designers ta-boot, Richard Borg!

Mind you, apparently there are a couple ways to play Liars Dice, this however seems to be the favorite going around.

How to Play:
Each player is given five dice and you can use your hands or a cup to hide them. You roll the dice at the beginning of the round and players make successively higher declarations regarding of the results of the dice that remain hidden, increasing either the number on the die, or dice total of a particular number. Players loose dice during the games progression when other players call each other out, contesting their bet so to speak. When someone is called out, all the dice are revealed and the true number is counted up. With very little rules the only real directions/rules are as follows:

- Ones are Wild
- When loosing dice – if the bidder is wrong, he looses dice based on the difference, if the contester is wrong, he looses dice based on the difference, if the bidder is EXACT, everyone looses one dice except the bidder
- Exception: No one can loose their last dice due to an Exact result.

Download this player aid to help keep track of the bidding, all you need to do is print it out and add one extra dice to your bag!


What makes this game so much fun isn’t necessarily the fact you only need some dice to play, or that it can be a light filler in between games, or the easy rules, or that a lot of people can play or even that it has wicked high replayablity. No, all these things are added bonuses, but what really sets this game aside from other dice games is the sheer fun of calling each other out and trying to out bluff and play against the odds of the dice of all the other players – the interaction is super! You can literally introduce this game to a teen or a grandparent, gamer or non-gamer, or a mix of all these! and everyone will enjoy themselves. So grab up some handfulls of dice and bring it to your next family reunion or awkward party where you don’t really know anyone, or your next game night when you need a mind break in between 18xx or Twilight Imperium and do expect to have a laughing good time :o)


Final Thoughts

Overall:  9 **We rate this a 9 here at BOP not because its super crazy awesome in its mechanics or game play, its a 9 because i’ll play it anytime, anywhere, with anyone, and i know i’m going to enjoy myself.

medium-simple not too hard to learn, simple to play