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Posted by admin On April - 17 - 2012

A few interesting tidbits worth mentioning today….

This morning, yahoo news posted an article “The Ten Priciest Collectable Cards.” Although, it really has nothing to do with board gaming per say, I do know a lot of board gamers who currently play collectable card games such as Magic the Gathering or used to play collectable card games such as Pokemon. After reading this article, my husband pulled out all his old Pokemon wooden box full of cards, since he swore he had the first edition copy of Charizard. After coming to the conclusion that he must have traded it with one of his highschool classmates, we both went on with our mornings… however, if you still have some of your old cards around then YOU might have one of these valuable cards! Be sure to check out the list!

Speaking of cards, if you’ve had a chance to try out the previously reviewed ”Lords of Waterdeep,” there is an interesting promo card going around called Inevitable Betrayal. Apparently they gave it out at a Con when people playtested the new game. After reading the description I must get my hands on a copy, hopefully the BGG store will get some copies in! “Cue evil laugh.”

I was out of town over the weekend, and while eating my morning grub, I read a very interesting article on the geek that was posted over the weekend. It’s about the large influx of new games some interesting thoughts regarding playing them. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have a few minutes. It may even change your perception when playing a new game…

Also worth checking out is the new “TableTop” show starring Wil Wheaton as your host. He plays board games with some well known peeps such as recently playing Small World with Grant Imahara from Mythbusters!

Also recently, BOP posted an article about Klaus Teuber’s “Wacky Wacky West.” Coincidently, Mayfair posted an article on why to play this game! So if you’re on the fence about it (kinda like apparently some people are about sea turtles), then read the following to push you off that fence and in front of a gaming table!

Why Play Klaus Teuber’s Wacky Wacky West

from Mayfair

Lastly, Caylubration III is coming up in a few weeks, be sure to enter the contests and read all the updates about it!

BOP out!