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Interview with William Attia

Posted by admin On May - 2 - 2012

Ryan Sturm from the Ludology podcast interviewed William Attia, the designer of Caylus in his most recent episode in celebration of the third annual Caylubration extravaganza! Although the initial interview was done via email text, Ryan Sturm happily portrays William Attia during the podcoast answering all the questions he asked William Attia and Geoff Engelstein fills in for Ryan Sturm. So Ryan Sturm plays William Attias part and Geoff Engelstein plays Ryan Sturms part just so we are straight on that one.

The interview with William Attia is thorough and and delves into the origin, influences, and design of Caylus and even some non-caylus questions too. It’s a great podcast and quite interesting, with of course, great thoughts and commentary by Ryan and Geoff in addition to the interview questions.

You can listen to the podcast:
- In the geek article
- On the Ludology Website
- Or download it free from itunes

You can also read the text version of the interviews on the geeklist article.

Don’t forget to check out the BOP Caylubration page with information on updates, t-shirts, contests and more!