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Posted by admin On October - 2 - 2012

Gather those crystals and summon a familiar thats good at board games.

Today on BOP I bring you “Seasons” by french designer Régis Bonnessée.

“Seasons” is a new strategy board and card game where you each take the role of a great Summoner, battling each other in a twelve season long tournament of wits, combos, and dice filled resource gathering.

This game is all about gathering resources, to buy cards that give you points or combo off other cards. Yea I know, been done before, but wait! before you run away I have to tell you that this game does have a unique feel and it is worth your time to check out.

Firstly, you are gathering resources each season by rolling dice. Now this game isn’t a d6 luck-fest, the three dice are rolled at the beginning of each season and each player gets to choose one. These dice are really cool custom dice with symbols representing different resources and actions. Each season (represented by a color on the board) has different odds for the resources. The game board easily reminds you of this on its concentric circles. A lot of the decisions are trying to get the right resources to build (or summon) the cards in front of you. Do you take the two green resources giving your opponent an extra star that will ultimately allow him to build another card? There is always one die left after all the dice are chosen. It determines how fast the game moves for that turn. brilliant!

I really like how the dice are used in this game. They oddly only add a small amount of randomness, yet they keep the decisions interesting and easy to follow. I rarely experienced any AP downtime in this game.

Next, I would like to mention that this game is not about tactically getting resources based on the current game state. It does have an overall strategy that you can build at the beginning. Before the first season starts there is a card draft and a selection. You will be choosing the options available for you during each upcoming year. This allows you to construct an overall path to try and follow during the game.  When you first play the game this setup process is foreign and confusing. I suggest helping new players with this as they will not understand how the cards work until half way through year two. Also be sure to start with the easy setup for your first game. I really like how this game has several levels of difficulty. Instead of throwing all of its cards at you, it slowly introduces them. This makes the game approachable and long lasting. This setup also helps guarantee you will encounter a good combo, which may be less likely mixing all the cards together.

Lastly, I want to express one thing that makes this game feel great. Most other games where you gather resources and build cards or buildings they have effects that are really minor. You barely get a benefit or you can only have a limited combo. Not “Seasons”, In “Seasons” the card powers feel grand and the combos feel epic! Yet, somehow I never feel attacked or too badly hurt by other players actions.

from BGG user - László Stadler

I am still trying to get my head around the theme of this game. But I will say that the artwork is amazing. French cartoon illustrator Xavier Gueniffey Durin has created some imaginative and whimsical fantasy art for “Seasons”. The artwork is a mix of Anime and “Alice in Wonderland”. Cat men, Dragons and bug-eyed rabbit magicians are just a small part of the creativity and style that make “Seasons” a unique addition to anyones collection.

I highly recommend “Seasons”. I have heard that it plays somewhat poorly with four players, but playing with two or three is my gaming group norm, and we have found it enjoyable. Still on the fence? Well you can always try out a game of “Seasons” at ( Also, if you want to learn how to play or just need an online gaming partner IM me at “chadams” on BGG, and we can setup a game.

Have fun,

- Chadams