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Qin (iOS)

Posted by admin On May - 6 - 2013

Players: 2-4
Actual Length: 30 minutes
Age: 8+ (better with 12+)

Reiner Knizia has this way of developing extremely simple games that have very little rules to learn, yet they are quite complex to master. Qin is one of these games. It was released last year and I had the chance to try it out at BGG CON. I immediately wanted a copy after the first time playing it. I’ve yet to purchase a hard copy, but I did get the iOS version, which I will be reviewing today.


by Henk Rolleman from BGG

The theme is colonizing the Chinese hinterland. The premise is easy breezy. Each player has a starting number of stackable pagodas(!!) which fluctuates based on number of players – the first player to get rid of their pagodas wins. Which I think is a refreshing break from calculating victory points all the time!

hand example

You have a hand of 3 territory tiles at all times, that consist of a combination of red, yellow, and blue (which also contain images for those of you who are colorblind). When it’s your turn you choose one tile to place on the board. If you create a territory that consists of at least two spaces of the same color territory, and no other pagodas have settled on it, you may place a pagoda on it. You can upgrade your territories to a double pagoda when it reaches 5 or more spaces, you may conquer other players territories by joining like colors when your territory is larger, and lastly you may settle on the pre-established villages by reaching them first! (ah, but be weary, these may also be stolen if a player has a stronger connecting territory and/or the majority of territories touching the village!)

Qin in-game example

That’s really it! The board game version is very pretty and i’ll probably eventually add it to my collection, but for now, i’m enjoying the iOS version. It is suppppper fast as you don’t have set up. And a lot of the moving parts are automated like drawing tiles and placing pagodas, which makes it easy to get in a quick game. There is pass-n-play which I’ve tried out with my hubs, and we’ll be enjoying that together. There is also the option for online mulitiplayer, which I have yet to try out.  I’m very pleased with the AI’s too! I currently just finally beat the dragon “Sun Bin” after about 5 tries, who is only the second level out of the four available AI’s. Once I master those, i’ll probably buy the board game and move onto real people :)
Available in itunes :

  • $4.99

Overall:  7.5

medium-hard not too hard to learn, more difficult to master


offers pass-n-play, achievements, and multiplayer with additional board selection

heehee :) that's me!