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Okay, yeah, I know, its been awhile…

Posted by admin On October - 13 - 2014

2 big news items :

1.) I’m back from my hiatus. I got ‘board’* of writing reviews. But I love talking about games… i’m not entirely sure why I didn’t think of this sooner, but my blog is now a vlog. Those of you who enjoyed reading my reviews, I thank you for reading them. I hope you will now enjoy watching them :) Enjoy my first one here.

2.) I’m not sure if this is bigger news…?? But… I’m going to Essen!! (In two days!!) Be sure to check back for my updates about all things Essen. If you are there, find me and say hello, or even better, play a game with me! If you aren’t there, I will tell you ALL about it, through video of course, now that i’m a vlogger (?).

* I know how to spell bored.