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Say Anything! Family Edition

Posted by admin On June - 7 - 2011

The Say Anything Family Edition is a game for the family that will get everyone playing & laughing in minutes! This hilarious family oriented version of the popular adult party game gives your family the chance to settle questions that have been debated for ages. For instance, “Which celebrity would make the worst babysitter?” or “What magical power would be the coolest to have?” The best thing about Say Anything Family Edition: There are no wrong or right answers – just your opinions. This is every family’s chance to Say Anything!

Length: 30 mins
Age: 8+
Players: 3-6

North Star Games really does bring games with personality! Say Anything Family Edition is a new release of 2011 and, I have to say, they hit a home run with my family!

Object & Shortening of the Manual:
Well the manual is already pretty short and easy to read. But said even simpler, you begin by choosing a character color card and corresponding voting chips. The first player will become the “judge” and begin by choosing one of the 3 questions to ask off the yellow side of the card. The other players write down on their color card an answer they think the judge will like best.

The judge then chooses their favorite answer in secret, using the color wheel. After the judge has chosen their answer, the players then use their two corresponding color voting tokens to vote on which they think the judge picked as the best answer. The judge flips over the color wheel & shows everyone the winning answer, then votes are calculated.

  1. The judge gets one point for each token that was on the card they chose (up to 3 points).
  2. The players get points for however many voting tokens they put on the selected answer (Each player has 2 voting tokens, so each player can get possibly 0-2 points).
  3. The player who wrote the selected answer receives and additional bonus point that round.

Once that round is finished, the next player starts the new round.

If you go through all the yellow questions (there is a tracker card you stick on the bottom of the deck to determine this), then flip them over and start with the blue side!

Final Thoughts:
I really appreciated how easy this games was to learn, teach and play. I played with various age ranges and with the older individuals, they expressed that they had a surprisingly good time. The teens wanted to play again and my little nephew said within 5 minutes of playing “can we play this again? it’s getting fun already!”

I do, however, suggest limiting game play to once per game night for children. This is because they have so much fun during the first game, they of course want to keep playing. However, after testing this, their attention spans start to dwindle during the second game. Not something you want to happen during a game night! The scoring system seems to limit the game to the perfect amount of time for optimal fun,  laughing, and smiles.

The questions were very fitting for family fun and interaction, and with the ample question choices per card, it’s nice to be able to choose a question to fit your audience. Whether used to avoid a particular topic, or even deliberately choose something off the wall just to see what everyone says. The game will most definitely need expansions available for purchase in the future, even with 6 questions to a card, we will definitely blow through them leaving us wanting more i’m sure!

The components are pretty nice, although after a week of playing quite of few times with my nieces and nephews, there is already some expected wear and tear. The first thing everyone starts doing when you break open the game is drawing all over their white boards… so the markers will need to be replaced quite frequently. Although, the chip boards and other components are so sturdy, they will hold up to squiggles and giggles with no problem.

The only problem we encountered during our first game was scoring.The instruction manual didn’t quite explain how to use the score card.  At first we didn’t notice the “rounds” at the top of the score card. and we just used slashes for points. But then towards the end of the game we realized there wasn’t going to be enough space if we had played with more rounds and people…

To settle any confusion, a four player game, would have eight rounds. Each person reads twice during the game (4 players x 2 reads = 8). At the end of each round you tally up the total points for each player and write that number in the column. In the below example, in round one, green scored a point and purple scored two points, orange and blue scored nothing. At the end of the game you add up all points from all rounds and you have your winner.


Final Final Thoughts:
Quality: 4.5/5
Fun: 5/5
Substance: 3/5 (this isn’t bad, just means there isn’t a whole lot to it!)
Re-playability: 4/5 (5/5 if expansions are added)

The game is a wonderful experience with lots of friendly interaction. We are all looking forward to playing it over and over. My niece put it perfect when she wrote her thoughts on the game:  It’s a real

** A special THANKS! to North Star for providing this game!

For video commentary:

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