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Carcassonne – Mobile

Posted by admin On June - 21 - 2011

Out of all the board game app’s that I have purchased so far, I would have to say this is the best. This is a pretty steep statement considering I’ve been pretty satisfied thus far with the Euro game apps that are starting to break their way into the mobile market.

Carcassoonne, however, has a really great ratio of points they did right compared to points they did wrong, 5 – love – seriously. All the things I have to say about this app is bursting of pure positivity.

1.) Icon – many app icons are ridiculously designed. They are either too busy, or just plain terrible. Generally these apps get put into a folder or moved to the last page, and if you’re like me, the last page is err… well… lets just say my pointer finger is tired by the time I get to the last page of my apps. So, an app with a nice icon, is going to get a premium spot on my iPhone – Carcassone’s app is one of those. It’s just a classy little meeple – simple and easily spotted.

2.) Navigation –  The home screen menu is perfect. It has nice big buttons and is broken down into 4 categories:

Normal Game – this is where you can play local or internet games. Local games allow you to play on your phone with either pass-n-play, the AI, or you can even join a game via bluetooth with your buddy in the next room. Internet games allow for ‘Play with Friends’ via wifi. Don’t have friends? No problem! You can ‘Quick Play’ with a random mate they find for you! *wink*

Solitaire - here you can play by yourself, essentially as a meepleless puzzle of sorts. I actually have never done this yet, but I do know a lot of people who enjoy playing games solitarily, trying to maximize points and such – I however prefer to conquer real peeps *grin*

Manual - The manual is broken up into parts, one for solitaire games and for the normal game. It’s well done and easy to read. But who would want to read a manual, when you could just choose ‘tutorial’ and have a medieval man walk you through the game? Yep, Carcassone newbies, you are in for a real treat if you don’t already know how to play the game.

High Scores – these are your bragging rights (or maybe not so much…). Regardless, it shows your current score amongst all your friends in your buddy list, as well as for solitaire and local games.

3.) Chat/Invites – the chat interface is pretty wicked too. Not only does it look like your writing on parchment paper, but it shows up on the screen as you play. So no more  little green bubble you have to first notice and then click to read. As for the Invitations to games, they come sealed with wax and all!

4.) Notifications – Just like many apps, you can opt to have the push notifications… which I would highly recommend because it’s the same  medieval man who was so kind to walk you through the tutorial.


5.) Interface – All this and we haven’t even gotten to the game yet! Piece placement is extremely simple. When your piece pops up, it highlights all the places you can play (some may not like this, but it’s a nice addition for adapting to a small screen). Touch where you want, you can retouch another spot if you don’t like that spot, you can zoom in and out, or touch the piece to rotate, etc.

Once you’ve decided you can then place your meeple, this is really nice, especially with farms! It shows all the places available to place your meeple, so you don’t trace through the land looking for farmers, which again, is really nice for small screen interfaces.

Another nice addition is the little stackable square icon in the upper right corner. This shows you which pieces and how many are available! Again, some may not like this… but I say to this “it’s optional, you don’t have to look.”







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