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BattleLine – Mobile

Posted by admin On July - 13 - 2011

The Card game BattleLine is probably in my top 5 games right now, so I was surprised to come across the mobile app. I actually don’t think many people even know it’s available for purchase, it only has a whopping 7 reviews after all.

Things I like:

- Nice instruction manual. The little “How to Play” Tutorial is great. Nice short flashcard format with pretty graphics, makes the game very easy to learn if you don’t already know how to play.

- Options. The set up of the play options is very easy and quick. You can pass-n-play or play with the AI. They even have the toggle mode for claiming your flags at the beginning or end of the turns. So basically all the options and advanced rules of the card game have been nicely implemented into this app.

- Available for iPad and iPhone.

- Pass – n- play: I really thought it was clever how they handled the pass in play. A nice little interstitial page allows for easy exchange of hands.

- Graphics & Sounds. I really enjoy the little clinking sounds when you move your cards, it really feels like I moving little pieces of stone. The graphics are really well done.

- Interface. The interface is very intuitive, with mostly just tap or hold and move characteristics. It’s all automated, from the number of troops/tactics cards left, to claiming of the flags. Makes for a very easy and quick game.

Things I don’t lIke:

- It’s not multiplayer via wifi so if you want to play with a live person, they have to be right next to you.. Although many board games have yet to develop this feature in their apps.

- Buggy. After reading the few reviews, some said it was buggy. I played a couple of games and didn’t experience any crashes or bugs whatsoever…. until the other day. My husband and I were laying on the couch playing a game, and it wouldn’t let me play a tactics card. The app didn’t register the correct number of tactics cards he had played in the past, blocking me from playing one. Unfortunate for me, this was a winning move. So I said, “Noooooo! We must set up the game and finish!” Yes, yes, I know, pathetic. But this game was particularly intense. Which of course, ended up being sort of a pain. But this has only happened once in the month or so since i’ve owned the app so i’m still giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Overall, I say a good purchase, definitely.

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