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Revolution! – Correction… & New GeekList!

Posted by admin On July - 28 - 2011

If you have read the review on Revolution! Please read below:

My apologies, but I had a little mistake in my Recent Review of Revolution! The game designer was kind enough to catch it and let me know.

This game is very easy to learn and teaches within minutes. Everyone starts with 5 coins, and you blind bid on your bidding card.

“Thanks for the great review of Revolution! You seem to suggest that players start with 5 Gold for the first round. Players really start with 1 Force, 1 Blackmail and 3 Gold. Otherwise, great work! Glad you like the game.

This brings up a few interesting topics. First, I really like Game Designers that stay up to date on reviews, comments and posts. It’s pretty cool when they actually care what people think about their games. So now about my mistake… I’m gonna be honest… it’s kinda fun starting out totally “poor” with only 5 coins. It sorta evokes a lot of strategy. Like putting all 5 coins on one spot you really want, or spreading them out over multiple spaces hoping to gain a bunch of loot in the very first round with the fear of someone else knocking out your same exact spots. It’s like you have only one round where it’s a coin against coin battle and nothing else…then the force and blackmail commences! Which brings me to another interesting thought. During my time of board game playing, I’ve heard and read about folks altering or changing game play for kicks and giggles… But next time I play, I’ll definitely try it the correct way.

What games have you changed/altered that have added to or had an interesting impact on game play?

I started a GeekList to get some fun suggestions from you all!

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