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BOP News – Best of (the Week) Special GenCon Edition

Posted by admin On July - 29 - 2011

This week on BOP News:

GenCon – only a week away! Unfortunately, I will not get to attend this year.. and what’s worse is I’ve heard it’s going to be the best year ever! SoI shall pass on some previous years knowledge and some some interesting tiddly bits you may/may not know about:

- If you….”Are you a journalist, podcaster, or blogger who wants to get the latest scoop on Steve Jackson Games, straight from Steve Jackson himself? E-mail Phil Reed ( to set up an interview slot at either Gen Con or PAX Prime. But Steve’s Gen Con schedule is filling up quickly; get your requests in soon! – Paul Chapman” – fellow gamers and bloggers, do it! Do it for me and tell me all about you great interview with Steve Jackson!

- Love Catan? yea, I do too. However, this year, the Catan Tournament was Invite only. Those who won pre-qualifiers across the nation this year of course got the free trip to GenCon to compete as well as those who have been in the finals at pervious years qualifiers were invited to play in the Masters tournament, so no walk-in’s this year.

- Math Trade – on BGG – a way to trade your board games without dealing with shipping, etc. The trading period is now over. So hopefully you got all your trades listed (MathTrade Discussion Group)

- Speaking of BGG, there are always great GeekList started by fellow gamers, and there’s a few good ones dedicated to GenCon Indy

  1. GenCon 2011: New Games of Note
  2. Games to Demo at GenCon 2011
  3. The ‘Ok I’m in Indy for GenCon, but what else should I do?’ Geeklist
  4. Confirmed Gencon 2011 releases!

- Looking to eat healthy? You are going to be gaming all weekend and will need some serious energy? What’s great for brains?? CARBS! Whats a great carb??? NOODLES – Check out Noodles & Company – they are pretty flipping awesome, and just a short walk away from the convention center! A nice alternative to the mall food court.

  • Noodles & Company
  • 121 West Maryland Street
  • Indianapolis, IN 46225-1013
  • (317) 638-1300

- As mentioned in a previous BOP Best Of - Rio Grande announced a World Master Dominion Tournament at Essen Speilfest this year. They will be hosting a Preliminary tournament at GenCon in August and will provide the winner with a free trip to Essen… yes Essen. Oh how I wish I was attending GenCon this year. The first prize at the WM tournament at Essen will be €1000,00. Check out Rio Grande for more Info.

- Mayfair Games goes Big at GenCon Indy! Along with literally giant versions of some of their games they have a list of a slew of other fun things going on. Be sure to check them out.

Now, go Enjoy GenCon for me, will ya!

BattheLine Mobile has a new update which includes a great new icon and Multi-Player! You must have a Game Center account to play, which is a free service through apple. I have yet to try it out, but i’m thoroughly excited!










For those of you who pre-ordered “Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War” at your local game store, as I did. Prepare to wait a little longer. I have been antsy waiting on my copy to come in with the expected arrival date said to be end-of-June. Now being the end of July I got in contact with Stronghold games. The game will not be available at friendly local or online retailers until it looks like September! Ugh. Whats more, is they WILL have limited copies at GenCon.

Sigh. *sniffle… tear drip…drip…plop*