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Posted by admin On August - 30 - 2011

Guest Reviewer, Chad Adams, talks about the highly buzzed about Quarriors!

Two of my favorite game mechanics are deck building and rolling dice. With dice, I love the randomness and excitement of rolling the number you need to get that much required sheep, or to destroy that evil axe wielding manic. With Deck building, you are making investments, (adding cards to the deck) that will hopefully provide you with the resources and actions for a victory. It was a matter of time until someone put the two mechanics together into a game. That game is Quarriors!

I have heard a lot of buzz over this game on the geek, and was very interested in playing. At the last local game night I sat down with a few friends to play my first game of Quarriors! We played a four player game, half of us (including myself) have never played before.

The game came in a very beautiful square tin and lots of dice! The owner of the game got his copy at GenCon, and it came with some promo cards, He complained a bit that they were a slightly different color from the base set cards and that the tin was too small to fit expansions, and all the pieces after being bagged.

The rules were fairly simple, and similar in a way to Dominion. Score creatures, Roll some dice, buy something, discard, etc… Our first game lasted about 10 minutes, and I won. But I wasn’t very excited about it and neither was anyone else. I didn’t really understand the game yet, so I just bought the most expensive die I could afford each turn, The rest was just extremely lucky die rolls. Our overall first impression of the game was that it was very luck driven and short. With four people you play to 12 points, and on some turns I would get over 5 points.

Our second game lasted a bit longer but I still didn’t feel like there was any great decision making or strategy in this game. But it was a little more interesting than the first game. Then it hit me. I think I was expecting something different from this game. Perhaps I was expecting to use dice like Alien Frontiers, or having to think ahead like Agricola or be “uber-strategic” like Caylus. I think with Quarriors! you have to take it for what it really is, a very light, random, short dice game that can be a fun filler or a good introduction to “deck-building”.