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Castle Panic!

Posted by admin On September - 10 - 2011

“The forest is filled with all sorts of Monsters. They watched and waited as you built your Castle and trained your soldiers, but now they’ve gathered their army and are marching out of the woods. Can you work with your friends to defend your Castle against the horde, or will the Monsters tear down your Walls and destroy the precious Castle Towers? You will all win or lose together, but in the end only one player will be declared the Master Slayer!

Length: 60 mins
Actual Length: 45- 60 mins
Age: 10+
Actual Age: 6+
Players: 1-6 (best with 2-4)

So these monsters come out of the forest and try to attack your precious cardboard castle. Maybe it’s a little orc approaching your castle or a hard to kill suped-up troll mage, either way, it doesn’t matter. You know why?? Because you must defeat ALL of them! Yeppers, the whole nasty pile! Here I am playing castle panic for the first time, happy when I flip over a tiny 1 shot orc. Then the player across from me proceeds  to burst my happy bubble by telling me “it really doesn’t matter what you flip over because you have to deal with the whole pile of monsters at some point or another.”

So that we did, and it’s not just mosters, no, it’s bolders that wipe out your walls, or plagues that kill all your archers, there’s a whole lot of mess to deal with. And here you are praying for just a little bit of brick to go with your mortar so you can build that wall to protect the gaping hole that was once a tower! it’s quite a stressful experience! Then I come to find out about this “Master Slayer” bit. Which means whoever kills the most monsters is the true winner of the game. When all I can think about is keeping the last bit of our castle from crumbling down!

Object & Playing of the Game:
The object is to go through the entire pile of monsters before loosing your last tower. It’s pretty easy to play. Everyone gets their starting number of cards depending on number of players. This is a cooperative game, so cards can be placed face up in front of you. Turns proceed as follows:

1. Draw up to appropriate number of cards.
2. Discard and draw 1 card (optional).
3. Trade a card with another player (optional for both palyers) You may trade 1 card in a 2-5 player game or 2 cards in a 6 player game.
4. Play any and all cards from your hand that you choose. These actions allow you to defend the castle and take hits at monsters. If you slay a monster on your turn, then it goes into YOUR personal slayed monster pile.
5. Move remaining monsters forward 1 space, or if they have penetrated the castle walls they move 1 space clockwise potentially taking out towers! yikes!
6. Draw 2 new monsters, you rolle a dice to determine which area in the forest the new monsters are placed.

If the your castle is not destroyed during the process of killing all monsters, then you tally up each persons slayed monster pile to determine who is the master slayer.

From Fireside Games

Each Monster type is worth a different number of victory points:
Boss Monsters: 4 points
Trolls: 3 points
Orcs: 2 points
Goblins: 1 point


Final Thoughts:
Castle Panic was really quite delightful. I was very fearful of our castle the entire game handing away perhaps some of my best cards to other players with little thought of holding back to become the master slayer. I was way more concerned about our crumbling walls and hoards of monsters building up than slaying the most monsters!

I’m sure as I learn the game better, I’ll have more of an interest of becoming “Master Slayer”, but for now, its a nice little cooperative game with future bits of competition mixed in.

From Fireside Games


Final Final Thoughts:
Quality: 3/5, with lots of play, the pieces will probably get worn down quickly. I do love the rule book though, lots of pictures. A little wordy but explained very well.


Fun: 4/5
Substance: 3/5 (kinda light)
Re-playability: 4/5

I have only played once, and I give such a high re-playability marking because they’ve taken the time to make alternate rules that increase the PANIC! and change things up. So when I’ve overplayed the base rules, I have something more to look forward to. Which is always a bonus.

Alternate Rules