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King of Tokyo!

Posted by admin On September - 25 - 2011

by Guest Reviewer Scott Linde

Rawr!  That means “I love you” in dinosaur, and that is how I feel about King of Tokyo.  Yes, I know  that in Japan they have an emperor not a king, but I am talking about the monsters that are constantly invading the land of the rising sun in novels and movies that is…

Richard Garfield, the creator of  Magic: The Gathering and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, designed this quick little gem.  It is a dice game for up to six players that can be taught in minutes.  The object of the game is to be the first to fulfill one of two objectives: 1. be the last monster standing, or rack up twenty victory points worth of mayhem and destruction.  Both objectives are quite viable.

A nice set of over-sized six-sided dice is included.  The die faces are 1, 2, 3, energy, claw, and heart.  Players can re-roll any subset of the dice up  to three times.  Getting at least three of a kind of the numbers rewards the player with victory points.  Claws do damage and hearts heal your monster.  Energy is a resource that you collect and use to buy cards that give your beast special powers or even victory points.  Those powers often determine who wins the game.

The game is a version of king of the hill, hence the name King of Tokyo.  Whoever controls Tokyo cannot heal, and any damage they do is to all monsters outside of Tokyo.  Also, they can only leave if they are attacked.  Unfortunately, they are also the target of all monsters outside of Tokyo.  So, why would anyone want to be in Tokyo ñ victory points.  Entering Tokyo gains one victory point, and starting your turn in Tokyo gains two victory points.

So pick your creature and flex your claws.  Those other monsters need a beat down, and those screaming people look awfully tasty.  Maybe they just need a little soy sauce…

Fun:             5/5
Substance:       2/5
Re-playability:  4/5