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Legacy : Gears of Time

posted by admin On February - 2 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

“Great Scott!”, a game about “time travel”. That was exactly my reaction when I first heard of “Legacy : Gears of Time” at 2012. This isn’t some gimmicky sales pitch, and although, you don’t actually get to time travel, you do get to play a solid, strategic and fiercely competitive game of time-line building. [...]


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What is it? The peaceful and prosperous island of Tahiti needs your help to collect goods from neighboring islands (they have outgrown their own). There are dangerous seas and reefs ahead as you race other chieftains seeking blessings from the Gods. In Tahiti, a board game by David E. Whitcher, you are using your canoe [...]

Love Letter – Another really pretty game, but not a lot of luster, very similar to the Mirror, Mirror theme, you are trying to deliver a letter to the princess. However, unlike Mirror, Mirror, it’s a card game. The deck has 16 cards, each with a card value and you are trying to knock other players [...]

In Alphabetical Order. Agricola : All Creatures Big and Small More Buildings Big and Small - The expansion to the base 2-player Uwe Rosenberg Agricola game. I had the  opportunity to check out the expansion at BGG’s extensive board game library and I really, really, liked it, so much in fact that I dedicated a whole review to [...]

Agricola : All Creatures Big & Small

posted by admin On November - 21 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

I’ve been putting off this little review for a bit now. The main reason is because after 20 or so plays I was for sure it was broken. Although after 20 or so plays I was still finding excitement in it which I’ll explain why in just a sec, plus my opinion of it has [...]


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Gather those crystals and summon a familiar thats good at board games. Today on BOP I bring you “Seasons” by french designer Régis Bonnessée. “Seasons” is a new strategy board and card game where you each take the role of a great Summoner, battling each other in a twelve season long tournament of wits, combos, [...]

Atlantis Rising

posted by admin On August - 14 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Details Players: 2-6 Actual Length: 60 to 120 minutes Age: 13+   Atlantis Rising – It sucks to be an Atlantean! I recently had the grueling but oddly somewhat pleasurable experience of playing Atlantis Rising. Since it is a brand new release  that will be presented  at GenCon this weekend! And will be available for [...]


posted by admin On June - 12 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Googley Eyes not included. Agricola’s designer, Uwe Rosenberg’s, ubiquitous influence in the board gaming world seems to become more and more valid with each game that has his name printed on the box cover. I think BOP can safely say he’s one of the few true superstars when it comes to designers and undoubtably one of our favorites here on BOP.

Core Worlds

posted by admin On June - 2 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Details Players: 2-5 (probably best with 3) Actual Length: 60 to 90 minutes Age: 10+ We’ve recently had the chance to play Core Worlds here on BOP and we’re now ready to give you the low down on this deck-building game of intergalactic conquest! Like most deck building games, you can expect cards with a small amount [...]


posted by admin On May - 16 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Being that its Caylubration week, and BOP has yet to review this wonderful game (we were surprised too when we realized this), we thought it was quite fitting to do so now during this celebration. Caylus is definitely one of the grand-daddy’s when it comes to worker placement games. With the premise of King Philip [...]