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Elder Sign: Omens

posted by admin On November - 21 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Elder Sign: Omens – By Fantasy Flight Games By BOP Guest Reviewer, Chad Adams Elder Sign: Omens’ is a new dice game based off the Arkham Horror Fantasy Flight theme. In this game you are taking on the role of various investigators, searching rooms and completing quests hoping to find ‘elder signs’. Collecting enough of [...]

Rad BoardGame Companions

posted by admin On August - 28 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Playing games is of course quite enjoyable, but scoring… not so much. Here’s a list of App’s to get you through the process almost effortlessly! BoardGame Companion Boardgame Companion is the ultimate tool for boardgamers. It includes an easy and well-organized scoring calculator for a few of the most popular boardgames. No long and boring [...]

Kard Combat – Mobile

posted by admin On July - 21 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Guest reviewer, Chad Adams, talks about the recently released mobile card game “Kard Combat” Kard Combat is a new release in the app store. This is a new game by Hothead Games, co-designed by Richard Garfield of Magic the Gathering Fame. This iPhone app is a free download letting you play many tower levels with [...]

BattleLine – Mobile

posted by admin On July - 13 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

The Card game BattleLine is probably in my top 5 games right now, so I was surprised to come across the mobile app. I actually don’t think many people even know it’s available for purchase, it only has a whopping 7 reviews after all. Things I like: – Nice instruction manual. The little “How to [...]

Carcassonne – Mobile

posted by admin On June - 21 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Out of all the board game app’s that I have purchased so far, I would have to say this is the best. This is a pretty steep statement considering I’ve been pretty satisfied thus far with the Euro game apps that are starting to break their way into the mobile market. Carcassoonne, however, has a [...]

Hey, That’s My Fish! – Mobile

posted by admin On June - 5 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

** I, of course, am a Mac girl, so this is the iPhone version. Although, it is a universal app with versions for other smartphones as well. **For more detailed instructions on HOW to play, with some strategy tidbits thrown in, read the board game review. This following is a review that concentrates on the [...]