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How to Get your Game Fix without your Gaming Buddies

posted by admin On September - 17 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

So it’s a Monday night, you had the absolute worst day at work, game night with your gaming pals is still 4 nights away, which reminds once again of the fact that it’s only Monday… you could really use a fix right about now – a game fix. BOP brings you the best board gaming ONLINE! [...]

BOP Best of! Information overload!

posted by admin On September - 1 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Everyone likes a free game! Enter the Queen Games Lancaster Contest on BGG, details below: In 1413, the new king of England, Henry V of Lancaster, has ambitious plans: The unification of England and the conquest of the French crown! Each player takes the role of an ambitious aristocratic family. Who will be the best supporter [...]

Rad BoardGame Companions

posted by admin On August - 28 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Playing games is of course quite enjoyable, but scoring… not so much. Here’s a list of App’s to get you through the process almost effortlessly! BoardGame Companion Boardgame Companion is the ultimate tool for boardgamers. It includes an easy and well-organized scoring calculator for a few of the most popular boardgames. No long and boring [...]

Hurricane Irene

posted by admin On August - 27 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Well, it’s been, what? Three years since a hurricane actually hit landfall along the US coastline. According to the online weather channel, as of late this morning, tropical storm-force winds were up to 430 miles wide! It is only a Category 1, but even with a Category 1 Hurricane, there can be destructive winds, flooding [...]

This week on BOP News: GenCon – only a week away! Unfortunately, I will not get to attend this year.. and what’s worse is I’ve heard it’s going to be the best year ever! SoI shall pass on some previous years knowledge and some some interesting tiddly bits you may/may not know about: – If [...]

Revolution! – Correction… & New GeekList!

posted by admin On July - 28 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

If you have read the review on Revolution! Please read below: My apologies, but I had a little mistake in my Recent Review of Revolution! The game designer was kind enough to catch it and let me know. This game is very easy to learn and teaches within minutes. Everyone starts with 5 coins, and you [...]

BOP News – Best of (the Week)

posted by admin On July - 15 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

This week on BOP News: Rio Grande announced a World Master Dominion Tournament at Essen Speilfest this year. They will be hosting a Preliminary tournament at GenCon in August and will provide the winner with a free trip to Essen… yes Essen. Oh how I wish I was attending GenCon this year. The first prize at [...]

Gamex! 2011

posted by admin On June - 2 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

This was my first time to Strategicon’s Gamex in Los Angeles, California, and I have to say, it’s one of the best i’ve ever been too! Strategicon puts out 3 events a year: Orccon, Gamex, and Gateway, and people were telling me, “come back to Orccon and Gateway, they are even better!” Which is quite [...]

Ticket to Ride Contest

posted by admin On May - 11 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

My husband came across the Days of Wonder $10,000 10th Anniversary Ticket to Ride Contest. Of course I got very excited and started straight away on thinking up concepts. Once the absolute perfect idea hit me, I began. After about 350 hours of reading, research, photoshop, designing, printing, cutting, play testing, modifying, further play testing, [...]

BSG fans, prepare to be a lil’ Jealous!

posted by admin On April - 16 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Every year the Florida Film Festival comes to town here in Sunny Orlando. This year the head lining guest was Edward James Olmos. They were showing his movie “Stand and Deliver,” which as a former highschool Mathematics teacher, I am an avid fan of and showed this film to my lower level Math classes. After [...]