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Terra Mystica

posted by admin On May - 31 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

If you visit your local game store, you’ll find “out of stock,” “backorder,” and “pre-order” a common theme for this game. The first print of the English Edition sold out in less than a week, and it’s on the highly recommended list for “Kennerspiel des Jahres” for 2013 games, so what’s the all the hype [...]

An interview with Jamey Stegmaier

posted by admin On May - 16 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

BOP : Today on BOP, we are interviewing, Jamey Stegmaier creator of the recently funded Kickstarter game of strategic winemaking called Viticulture and the upcoming dystopian-themed Euphoria. BOP : First, Welcome Jamey to the very first BOP interview! Let’s start things off with telling us a little bit about yourself. Where is your home base, [...]

Qin (iOS)

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Details Players: 2-4 Actual Length: 30 minutes Age: 8+ (better with 12+) Reiner Knizia has this way of developing extremely simple games that have very little rules to learn, yet they are quite complex to master. Qin is one of these games. It was released last year and I had the chance to try it [...]