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“Does anyone have brick?”

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CBS covered GenCon last year and they made a really good tidbit on board gaming… and look who they put in the video? Hehe. Embedding was disabled on youtube, so they only had a link: Or you can view it on CBS:;lst;1

DIY Dominion Expansions!

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While on BGG, one of my favorite things to do is browse board game images. Seeing that I just posted a review on Dominion recently, I thought it would be fitting to share some of what I found for custom-made Dominion fan cards. And of course someone posted a way to make your own, so, [...]


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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!! Description: Guillotine: The Revolutionary card game where you win by getting “a head!” Length: 15-20 Minutes Age: 12+ Players: 2-5 Prelude: I go to Wednesday game night every week and recently there was a newbie there. We, of course, invited him over to play a game with us to welcome him [...]

MegaCon 2010

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Board games at Megacon were canceled AND I startled the witch! What bad luck! I had then intentions of maybe wondering around the MegaCon convention center for 20 or 30 minutes and then it was off to Board games. I was disappointed when I walked into an empty room with no board games, and no [...]


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Some may start by saying its a card game, mainly because it’s composed of cards, but its not really just cards… it’s more like a fast paced race to build up your treasury using an expansion of means of attacks and actions to eventually build up a kingdom of Estates, Duchies and Providences. The “Monarch” [...]