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Interview with William Attia

posted by admin On May - 2 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Ryan Sturm from the Ludology podcast interviewed William Attia, the designer of Caylus in his most recent episode in celebration of the third annual Caylubration extravaganza! Although the initial interview was done via email text, Ryan Sturm happily portrays William Attia during the podcoast answering all the questions he asked William Attia and Geoff Engelstein [...]


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Review by Chad Adams If there is one up and coming iOS developer to watch, it’s Playdek. This “hottness” company keeps cranking out great looking iOS card game apps that deliver quality in artistic design and playability. Their earlier successes include Ascension and Food fight. Recently, they have released Nightfall, a new deck building card [...]

Ubongo Board & iOS

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Review by Chad Adams One of my favorite things about playing boardgames (besides the social aspect) are the “puzzle-ly” challenges that excite my brain. While socializing with some friends from out-of-town, we started discussing some fun two player games we enjoy playing with our spouses. This is when I learned of (and then tried) a [...]

7 Wonders & Leaders Expansion

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To play Leaders or not to play Leaders? If you haven’t played either, 7 Wonders is sort of like a open-faced deck building game. Each player starts with a random wonder board (that is double sided for further play options) and each wonder board has special starting resources and/or abilities you can gain through the course [...]

And the Winners….

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We are getting pretty close to Caylubration week starting on May 14th. BOP recently hosted a T-shirt contest on the Geek. The contest asked fellow geekers to think up a good good catchphrase to go on the shirts.  The best catchphrase chosen by the BOP team, and Caylubration sponsors Ryan Sturm & Lee Ambolt would [...]

BOP News

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A few interesting tidbits worth mentioning today…. This morning, yahoo news posted an article “The Ten Priciest Collectable Cards.” Although, it really has nothing to do with board gaming per say, I do know a lot of board gamers who currently play collectable card games such as Magic the Gathering or used to play collectable [...]

Wacky Wacky West

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Details Players: 2-4 (best with 2 or 3, a little more of a luck game with 4) Actual Length: 30-45 mins mins Age: box says 10+, I say 8+ Wacky Wacky West isn’t necessarily a new game but I think it’s little hidden gem that needs to be shared and talked about. It was published [...]

April Fools Day

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With BGG being down all weekend, and returning on April 1st a tad bit slow, we decided to skip adding to any April Fools aggravation… even though we here at BOP love April Fools! But there was enough funny going around yesterday, in between the Hungry, Hungry Hippos for the iPad from ThinkGeek and Spooning with [...]

Lords of Waterdeep

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Actual Length: 60-80 minutes Age: 12+ Players: 2 – 5 (great with 2 players!!) Lords of Waterdeep is a strategy board game brought to you by Dungeons and Dragons. Seems contradictory doesn’t it? when you think of D&D you don’t typically think of strategy board games… For those of you unfamiliar with D&D, I personally can’t tell you much about it since [...]

Liars Dice

posted by admin On March - 25 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Length: 10-30 minutes Age: 10+ or really younger, depending on when you want to start teaching your youngsters to fib :oP Players: 2 – 6+ If you are looking for a game that is literally pocket change to purchase, can be played virtually anywhere, easily totable, endless replayability and can expand from two players up to supposedly 6 [...]