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Pool Break (with Crokinole!)

posted by admin On December - 6 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Pool Break – By Kinetic Bytes I just stumbled across this game in the app store and I think it’s amazing! Yes there are dozens of 3D pool games already, but this game runs blazing fast on my iPhone. And best of all it comes with Crokinole! a board gamer favorite. This game loads fast, [...]


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“Vanuatu,” a game that takes you to the Republic of Vanuatu where you can settle down on an island, bring tourists to your islands, deliver commodities, scuba dive for plunder, go fishing, and draw turtles in the sand… sounds like a good relaxing life…er… game experience. Yea… not so much.

Race For the Galaxy

posted by admin On November - 25 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Race For the Galaxy By BOP Guest Reviewer, Scott Linde. Race for the Galaxy (RftG) is certainly not a new game, but it is a game that is new to me.  RftG was published in the U.S. by Rio Grande Games back in 2007.  After four years, it is still considered a top-tier card game.  [...]

Holiday Gamers Gift Tips of Validity!

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Happy Thanksgiving fellow Boppers! And now that Thanksgiving is here, I feel it is appropriate to start thinking about Christmas. I’m a pretty big fan of holidays in general – Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Election Day, Valentines Day, Slavic National Holiday in the USA… etc. Whatever it is, I’m a fan, we really need [...]

King of Dragon Pass

posted by admin On November - 23 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

King of Dragon Pass – By A Sharp By BOP Guest Reviewer, Chad Adams. Part resource management, part choose your own adventure, ‘King of Dragon Pass’ is one of the most enjoyable and unique games I have in my collection. Set in the richly imagined word of Glorantha (Runequest & Heroquest), your goal is to [...]

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion

posted by admin On November - 21 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

‘Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion’ – By Witching Hour Studios by BOP Guest Reviewer, Chad Adams If you are a fan of Tactical war gaming, I suggest you try out Witching Hour’s premier game ‘Ravenmark”. While not exactly an iOS board game, Ravenmark sure plays like one. In ‘Ravenmark’ you command an army of four different [...]

Elder Sign: Omens

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Elder Sign: Omens – By Fantasy Flight Games By BOP Guest Reviewer, Chad Adams Elder Sign: Omens’ is a new dice game based off the Arkham Horror Fantasy Flight theme. In this game you are taking on the role of various investigators, searching rooms and completing quests hoping to find ‘elder signs’. Collecting enough of [...]


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BGG.CON is going on RIGHT NOW in Dallas, Texas. BOP’s put together a survival kit for all those attending… and for those not attending, check back frequently for updates! BOP’s fellow hometown gamer, Jesse Dean is at BGG.CON, be sure to check back frequently to get all of his juicy updates! Whats going on NOW at [...]

Kingdom Builder

posted by admin On November - 14 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Details: Players: 2-4 Age: 8+ (but much more fun with adults, sorry kiddos, just is) Length: 45 minutes I do not own Kingdom builder, but had the opportunity to play it quite a few times recently. I enjoyed it so much in fact, that I wanted to add it to the BOP family before it’s even added to my [...]

Mirror, Mirror

posted by admin On November - 10 - 20111 COMMENT

Details: Players: 2 Length: 30 mins Actual Length: 15-35 (varies quite a lot from game to game) Age: 8+ Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who in this land is fairest of all? Well, I personally think Lady Charity is the fairest, but I could be slightly biased now that i’m also a redhead. But in [...]