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The Board of Playing will give you a real person perspective on different kinds of games. From cards to board games, from new releases to the forgotten. As my board game collection grows, so will the archive of reviews. Keep coming back for a new review every week!

“Just one game,” they said, and started to play — that was yesterday.
– Chinese proverb

NewsThe news section holds a variety of little tidbits. Including: Conventions with video coverage, board gaming news, and so much more!

AboutWho am I? Read the About me to find out! Although, it probably won’t be updated very often ’cause I don’t change a whole lot.

ContactDrop me a line! Perhaps we can play a game of Catan on COW or Agricola on, i’m always up to meeting fellow board gamers! if you have any questions, or want me to review a certain game your thinking about purchasing, let me know! I might already have it and perhaps I’ll bump it up on the “to be reviewed” list just for you *wink*

Cons – Wanna visit a board game con? I’ve searched near and far for board gaming conventions and i’ve listed them here, for your convenience… and whats even better, as I go to these cons, i’ll give you my opinion, so be sure to check and see if i’ve reviewed a con you’re interested in going to.

Mobile Reviews – board games are beginning to take off in the mobile world, I’ll stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest here.

Game ReviewsHere is where you will find all the board game reviews as they become available each and every week!